ThingsBand '08
The American Legion Hall - Latonia, KY
Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Let Slip the Dogs of War!

Once again descending on Latonia, KY, the merry and merciless band of HOTT denizens threw down and clashed at this year's Warparty gathering. 12 contestants duked it out for the thrill and glory of being at the top of the heap.

As with prior years, the variety and selection of HOTT armies was stupendous. The loaners stayed in the box and we saw several new (and recently new) armies hit the table. We were subjected to Cyborgs and Aliens from the future, Goblins and Undead, Dogs and Cats living together, mass hysteria!

The format was identical to events past, using the current HOTT rules with the Shooter and Warband change. It was intended to use proposed Sneaker changes as well, but no Sneakers were fielded so it became irrelevent.

Rounds were paired swiftly, with most everyone playing four full games (some 5 and 6), and many of the games were real knuckle-biters. A good time was certainly had by all.

Tournament Format
Rolling Thunder (2.1)
Army Size Scale Round Length
24 AP's 15mm Variable
  • HOTT 2.0 Rules with proposed 2.1 modifications (Shooters move 2", Warband 3")
  • Variable-length rounds, play as many games as you like!
  • Rankings by Win/Loss, Points, Strongholds, Generals
  • Points are number of enemy AP's taken, +2 for taking General, +2 for taking Stronghold
Jack Shaw, Jeff Chattin, and Mike Stelzer

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Steve Cole The Green Guys Won't Go Away 4 - 0 (55 Pts ,2G)
Mike Stelzer Terminators 4 - 1 (53 Pts ,2G)
Aaron McKibben Evil Cave Dwellers - Combined Arms 4 - 2 (48 Pts ,1G)
Mike Demana The Dogs of War - Smaller Bones 2 - 1 (29 Pts )
Eric Luczaj The Autumn Goblins Again 2 - 2 (48 Pts ,1G)
Eric Vang The Steppe Orcs 2 - 2 (39 Pts ,1G)
Dave Welch Human Refugees 2 - 2 (25 Pts ,2G)
Jeff Chattin 57th Expeditionary Brigade 'Red Rippers' 2 - 2 (23 Pts ,1G)
Jenny Torbett The Kitty Kat Klub (Back for More) 2 - 3 (42 Pts )
Dan Frohlich Great Forest Kobolds 1 - 3 (14 Pts )
Mike Cole Animalia 1 - 4 (24 Pts )
Jack Shaw Revolting Bugs 0 - 4 (18 Pts )
Cats and Terminators!
Two Time Winner, Steve Cole!

Though I did not have time to prepare painted prizes for the contestants, there were enough unpainted stands, Alternative Armies ( sample packs, and Splintered Light ( Goblins that everyone was able to walk away with a little something.

At day's end, Steve Cole walked away (for the second time) with the Championship title, sweeping the field with a 4-0 victory and 55 points. From here it's on to Steve Sattler's HOTT Open tournament at Origins in June, and then on to HordesParty '08 at the Warparty gathering in Cincinnati. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


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