ThingsBand '07
The American Legion Hall - Latonia, KY
Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Mike Demana and Jeff Chattin

Thunder and tribulation abounded from all parts of the globe and beyond! Yes, once again the Cincinnati/Covington area was rocked with the sound of eldrich fire and mechanical wonderment as ThingsBand '07 returned to Latonia.

With a turnout of 12 players, this year's competition ended up being one of the best yet, with faces both new and old and some wonderfully creative armies marching to the field of battle. WWII armored companies faced down the holy and the unholy alike. Cats scrached and clawed at armies from beyond the stars. Centaurs roamed from the Chinese mainlands to the flightless aeries of Aves in matchups both surreal and sublime.

The Warband and Warparty tournament competitions are a great chance for players to sit down and play Hordes of the Things to their heart's content. Designed around a fluid matchup structure, people rarely sit still for very long. Most contestants ended up playing either four (or even five) full rounds, and this was coming off the heels of Eric Luczaj's four-round "Wars of Aggression" DBA tournament.

Though it made for a long day, people clearly seemed to enjoy the format and the tournament, and even brand new players came away with respectable standings and amazingly close games. Battles were pitched and fierce, and players seemed eminently up to the challenge.

Tournament Format
Rolling Thunder (2.1)
Army Size Scale Round Length
24 AP's 15mm Variable
  • HOTT 2.0 Rules with proposed 2.1 modifications (Shooters move 2", Warband 3")
  • Variable-length rounds, play as many games as you like!
  • Rankings by Win/Loss, Points, Strongholds, Generals
  • Points are number of enemy AP's taken, +2 for taking General, +2 for taking Stronghold
Cats scratch against Russian steel

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Steve Cole The Green Guys 4 - 1 (48 Pts ,3G)
Mike Stelzer Stelzer's Fantasy Chinese 3 - 1 (49 Pts ,2G)
Mike Demana The Lionmen of the City of Leon 3 - 1 (48 Pts )
Jack Shaw Jack's WWII Russians - The Small Version 2 - 1 (25 Pts )
Eric Vang The Army of the Holy See 2 - 2 (44 Pts ,1G)
Tom Graves 1002 Tails of Arabian Knights 2 - 2 (40 Pts ,2G)
Aaron McKibben Aaron's WWII Germans 2 - 3 (44 Pts ,2G)
Mike Cole Mike's Skeletons Mk. II 2 - 3 (32 Pts )
Jeff Chattin The Alien Invasion 2 - 3 (30 Pts )
Eric Luczaj The Spring Centaurs - Take 2 1 - 2 (16 Pts )
Jacob Bonaparte The Winged Kingdom of Aves 2.0 1 - 3 (22 Pts ,1G)
Tim Ryan The Cat Army of the Lumpy Sands 1 - 3 (20 Pts ,1G)
The Green don't fear the Reaper!
Deep in contemplative mood

The prizes arrayed
Flamingos and Fungi!
Gators and Snakes!

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who turned out. Most everyone walked away with a little something (either one of the four painted stands or a bag of unpainted fantasy lead), but a huge congratulations goes out to Steve Cole for his outstanding victory, and a hearty round of applause to both Mike Demana and Mike Stelzer (our 2nd and 3rd place victors) whose tooth-and-nail rivalry continues to keep us all entertained.

Finally, thanks once more to Ralph Hoegermeyer for his tremendous support keeping the Warband convention going these past two years. The convention itself was well attended and games were plentiful and fun. Kudos to everyone who played, ran, or just stopped by to watch.

As I've said before, so long as there's a place to have it and people to play it, I'm more than happy to run the HOTT tournament, and Warband is an excellent venue for such a light-hearted play format.


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