ThingsBand '05
The Knights of St. John Hall - Reading, OH
Saturday, March 12, 2005

ThingsBand is an annual Hordes of the Things tournament held at the HMGS Great Lakes "Warband" convention in Cincinnati, OH. It's a great opportunity for people to get together and crash their fantasy armies together in the heat of battle. This year's competition saw six eager participants over three rounds of fierce fighting.

The Rolling Thunder format is very simple, very straightforward casual gaming format in which players are encouraged to play as many games as they want within the time period. Initial pairings are done randomly, but after that people are paired up with new opponents as games finish and people become available. Typically this means people can get anywhere from 3 to 5 games in over the course of an event.

Points were scored based on the number of Army Points that were eliminated during the game, with a 2 point bonus if the General was eliminated or a Stronghold was taken. Final rankings were determined based upon win/loss percentage, total number of points, number of strongholds taken, and number of generals eliminated.

Jack Shaw ended up being unavailable through the tournament, so I fielded his Aggressive Pebbles through the first two rounds. I swapped the army out for my flightless birds in the final round with Alan.

Tournament Format
Rolling Thunder (2.0)
Army Size Scale Round Length
24 AP's 15mm Variable
  • Standard HOTT 2.0 Rules
  • Variable-length rounds, play as many games as you like!
  • Rankings by Win/Loss, Points, Strongholds, Generals
  • Points are number of enemy AP's taken, +2 for taking General, +2 for taking Stronghold

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Mike Demana Wolves' Reign 2 - 1 (31 Pts ,1G)
Steve Sattler The Dwarves of Doom! 2 - 1 (23 Pts ,1G,1S)
Tom Graves The Witch King of the 2nd Age 2 - 1 (21 Pts ,1G)
Eric Luczaj The Lava Dwarves 1 - 2 (20 Pts ,1G)
Jack Shaw The Aggressive Pebbles 1 - 2 (18 Pts )
Allen Sams The Japanese Epic 1 - 2 (14 Pts )

Mike Demana and Tom Graves fought an incredibly close battle which threatened to push Tom's 2nd Age Witch King army into the 3rd Age. Tom ended up winning it by a scant 12 AP's to 11. Eric Luczaj and Steve Sattler also fought a tremendously protracted Dwarven Civil War (The Lava Tribes faced off against the Dwarves of Doom!) It finally ended with the scourging and pillaging of the Lava Dwarves Stronghold, but was a hard-fought battle throughout.

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