The 4th Annual Origins HOTT Tournament
Origins - Columbus, OH
Saturday, July 07, 2007

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Our fearless leader!

Forces of good, evil, and brightly colored plumage convened upon the mighty battlefields of the Columbus Convention Center for the 4th Annual Origins HOTT Tournament! 18 Generals led armies of varied compose (Birds! Orcs! Elves! Kitties! Rats!) in a series of titanic struggles and epic battles that left only one standing.

Play consisted of four full rounds, using the Berkeley scoring system. From hosts of Elves to prides of Lions, from hordes of the Undead to players who were nearly dead, the thunderous clash was a welcome end to a tremendously fun Saturday night at Origins.

With several brand new players taking the field, the games went smoothly and with good natured joviality. With a final round that could have gone any of a hundred ways, the play was fun, the competition fierce, and the players tired but in good spirits.

Tournament Format
Berkeley HOTT
Army Size Scale Round Length
24 AP's 15mm 60 minutes
  • Four rounds, 1 hour per round
  • 3 Points for a win, 1 for a tie
  • Ranking by Points, AP's taken as tie-breaker, then by Generals taken
  • Proposed 2.1 Shooter/Warband movement rules
Fields of battle!

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Duane Clark Demana's Wood Elves 3 - 1 (42 Pts )
Dylan Fraser Wild Egyptians 3 - 1 (40 Pts )
Jenny Torbett The Kitty Katt Klub 3 - 1 (37 Pts ,1G)
Mike Cole Mike Cole's Skeletons (The Second Story) 3 - 1 (35 Pts ,3G)
Eric Luczaj The Autumn Goblins Redux 3 - 1 (29 Pts ,2G)
Rich Hartley More Demana Wood Elves 2 - 2 (33 Pts )
John Loy Loy's Rats Etc. 2 - 2 (32 Pts ,2G)
Jason Stelzer The Elves of Fairy Forest 2 - 2 (32 Pts ,1G)
Joe Merz More Dead Guys 2 - 2 (30 Pts ,2G)
Steve Cole Batu's Blue Horde (Again) 2 - 2 (27 Pts ,1G)
Mike Demana Centaurs of the Spiral Towers Part 2 1 - 2 - 1 (25 Pts ,1S)
Bernie Santucci Wolves' Reign Again 1 - 2 - 1 (16 Pts ,1G)
Mike Stelzer Magic Egyptian (Second Time Around) 1 - 3 (32 Pts )
Greg Crane Greg's Mythic Samurai 1 - 3 (26 Pts ,1G)
Tim Monaghan The Winged Kingdom of Aves (Duck Variant) 1 - 3 (16 Pts ,1G)
Johne Wagener The Orange Horde 0 - 4 (28 Pts )
Allen Sams 'Smor Orcs 2 - 0 (22 Pts ,1G)
Dave Zecchini The Frostfang Irregulars 1 - 1 (22 Pts ,1G)
I just want to kill something
Hey, look - rules and stuff!

Piles and piles of prizes!
To the victor go the spoils!

An A+ commendation goes out to Duane Clark, whose first time playing HOTT led him and a his borrowed army (elves curtesy of Mike Demana) to a 3-1 victory over the field. He takes home the grand prize, a fully painted 24 AP army of frog. Many players managed to work their way up the pack over the course of the four rounds, and everyone should be congratulated for such a good natured and enthusiastic showing.

A huge thanks to Steve Sattler for running this annual extravaganza. Kudos to Rich Hartley for making the prize plaques for the DBA and HOTT events. A very special thanks to Mike Demana, Eric Luczaj, and all the other people who were gracious enough to bring and loan armies to the new players. Your supportage, sportage, and portage are as always appreciated. And, of course, a hearty thanks to absolutely everyone who showed up.

We hope to see everyone (and more) at next year's 5th Annual tournament. Rumor has it that lizardmen have begun to muster to fill in for the frogs in next year's lineup. Plan your conquests now!


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