HordesParty '08
The Charles A. Brigham Jr. Masonic Temple - Cincinnati, OH
Saturday, June 20, 2009

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The Measure of Jenny Torbett

As June approached the Cincinnati foothills, yet another gathering of Hordes and Things was upon us. Combatants returned to the HMGS mini-convention in Symmes County to throw down their gauntlets and cast their dice in the thrill of combat.

The competition featured a small but dedicated group of adventurers and a return of some of the best painted armies HMGS members could muster. With a smaller showing, most players managed either 3 or 4 good games, with a healthy mix of styles and armies.

Tournament Format
Rolling Thunder (2.2)
Army Size Scale Round Length
24 AP's 15mm Variable
  • HOTT 2.0 Rules with proposed 2.2 modifications (Shooters move 2", Warband 3", Sneaker Friction Kills and Break-Off)
  • Variable-length rounds, play as many games as you like!
  • Rankings by Win/Loss, Points, Strongholds, Generals
  • Points are number of enemy AP's taken, +2 for taking General, +2 for taking Stronghold
Mike Demana's Badgers

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Eric Luczaj The Crystal Elves 3 - 0 (41 Pts ,1G)
Mike Demana The Feral Legion 2 - 1 (31 Pts ,1G)
Eric Vang The Steppe Orcs 2 - 1 (27 Pts )
Dave Welch The Army of Der Erlkonig 2 - 2 (31 Pts )
Bob Boggs Elven Dwarven Alliance 1 - 3 (38 Pts )
Jenny Torbett Hobbitses 0 - 3 (8 Pts )
Mike and Eric Square Off
Woodland Civil War

The day ended with long-time veteran and Tournament Coordinator Eric Luczaj cresting the field and stealing the banner! Going undefeated in his three rounds he was the clear victor and worthy of a long-deserved win.

As always, the assembled players were a wonderful bunch, and we would end up seeing most of them again at both Origins and Advance the Colors to continue the fight!


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