HOTT Wax '10
The MOSSL Facility, Columbus OH
Saturday, February 06, 2010

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Intense Concentration

In what has become a recurring theme with this particular tournament, Old Man Winter endeavoured to sour the timing once more and dropped a ton of abundant snow the morning of HOTT Wax '2010.

Defiant as ever, though, we rescheduled the event for a later weekend at the last minute in the hopes of thwarting his plans once more.

In spite of the unexpected delay, our brave volunteer tournament coordinator, John Loy led a field of 10 combatants in a sweeping series of larger-than-life engagements. Acting as the coordinator allowed me, your humble narrator, to actually play in the engagement for once, as I had forgotten how much fun it is to play HOTT at the 36-point level.

Most of the contestants were regulars, but we had a few faces we hadn't seen for a while from various corners of the state. The rescheduling is at least partially to blame for the low turnout, as was the sudden shift to fantastically good weather at the last minute.

As I say, our track record with this tournament is less than stellar, to be sure.

Tournament Format
Rolling Thunder (2.2)
Army Size Scale Round Length
24 AP's 15mm Variable
  • HOTT 2.0 Rules with proposed 2.2 modifications (Shooters move 2", Warband 3", Sneaker Friction Kills and Break-Off)
  • Variable-length rounds, play as many games as you like!
  • Rankings by Win/Loss, Points, Strongholds, Generals
  • Points are number of enemy AP's taken, +2 for taking General, +2 for taking Stronghold
Attack of the Chickens

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Mike Stelzer Egyptus 4 - 0 (49 Pts ,2G)
Jenny Torbett Robin's Merry Men 3 - 1 (60 Pts ,1G)
Dave Zecchini The Winged Kingdom of Aves 3 - 1 (48 Pts ,1G)
Joe Merz The Undead 2 - 2 (44 Pts )
Eric Luczaj Mound Builders 2 - 2 (42 Pts )
Steve Cole Bato's Blue Barbarians 2 - 2 (34 Pts )
Mike Demana Olde Forest Army 2 - 2 (30 Pts ,1G,1S)
Tom Graves SEJP 1 - 3 (43 Pts )
Tim Ryan Wildcats 1 - 3 (29 Pts )
Becky Walpole The Crystal Elves 0 - 4 (36 Pts ,1G)
The Gathering
Luczaj Armadas

Splintered Light Orcs
Fantastic New Goblins
The Champion Stelzer

In the end, the illustrious Mike Stelzer (Stelzone on Fanaticus) walked away with the prize, a fantastic painted Goblinoids army from Splintered Light Miniatures ( a much deserved prize to a regularly skilled opponent.

There was talk about moving the event to a new venue, simply because of scheduling difficulties, weather interruptions, and expense to support the endeavour. Stay tuned to further tournament reports for details of where and when this event may move.


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