HOTT Wax '07
Wexford Hill Hobbies - Dayton, OH
Sunday, January 28, 2007

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Father and Son at war!

Though Old Man Winter did his best (twice) to stop us, the brave Generals of the Midwest successfully gathered in force at Wexford Hill Hobbies to do mass battle against each other for HOTT Wax 2007! Russian tanks stood tall against ironclad Centaurs while Crystalline Elves mercilessly assaulted their Wood Elf cousins! American Armored companies faced off against hordes of the undead as Greek warriors swarmed over diminutive Hobbits!

Yes, this thoroughly enjoyable expansion to Hordes of the Things was well received by all involved, with winners and losers alike expressing their enjoyment of the event. Players brought full 36-point 15mm HOTT armies and rounds were played on 36" x 24" boards. All armies got a +1 PIP bonus on each bound and 90 minutes were set aside for each of the 4 rounds (with a shortened 75 minute final round due to time constraints.)

Battles were reportedly very hard-fought and exciting, and culminated in a titanic 4th-round struggle between the undefeated leaders. A risky gamble saw Mike Stelzer's Hero General assail Mike Demana's Valiant-But-Not-A-General-Hero in an attempt to cave the flank and sweep the field ... but turned against him when the two Heroes spectacularly annihilated each other, ending his dreams of conquest.

*NOTE: In the final battle between Dave Welch and Joe Merz, both players had even Army/General losses when time was called, so I sprang something new on them to decide the final game ... decision by Single Combat! Each secretly picked one element that was remaining on the field (excluding Gods and Dragons) and placed it within a 5" x 5" arena. With no bounds or maneuvers, and the victor always following up into contact, they fought until one was doubled or backed out of the arena. Dave's Spear stood mightily against Joe's Behemoth and rebounded it out on its first charge.

Tournament Format
HOTT Wax '07
Army Size Scale Round Length
36 AP's 15mm 90 minutes
  • HOTT 2.0 Rules with proposed 2.1 modifications (Shooters move 2", Warband 3")
  • Play on 36" x 24" boards, attacker picks between long sides
  • No more than 18 AP's of 3, 4, or 6 point elements
  • Single commands, armies get a +1 bonus on PIP dice
  • Dragons and Gods only appear on a natural '6'
  • Gods leave the battlefield on a natural '1'
  • Four fixed rounds, Swiss-style pairings
  • Points are number of enemy AP's taken, +2 for taking General, +2 for taking Stronghold
Wood Elves take to the march!

Final Standings
Player Army Results
Mike Demana The Centaurs of the Spiral Tower 4 - 0 (64 Pts ,2G)
Keith Finn The Mythic Athenians 3 - 1 (56 Pts ,1G,1S)
Mike Stelzer Stelzer's Wood Elves 3 - 1 (54 Pts ,1G)
Eric Luczaj The Crystal Heart Elves 3 - 1 (44 Pts )
Jenny Torbett The Expanded Hobbits of Buckleberry 3 - 1 (38 Pts ,1G)
Jason Stelzer Leonardo and Company 2 - 2 (46 Pts ,1G)
Dave Welch Demana's Expanded Wood Elves 1 - 3 (38 Pts ,1G)
Steve Cole Bato's Blue Horde 1 - 3 (51 Pts ,2G)
Jack Shaw Jack's WWII Russians 1 - 3 (46 Pts )
Mike Cole Skeletons 1 - 3 (32 Pts )
Joe Merz The Undead Hordes 1 - 3 (26 Pts ,1G)
Mike Upton Upton's American Rifle Company 0 - 4 (19 Pts )
Crystalline Elves stand at the ready!
Eric Luczaj ponders furtively!

First Prize - Leonines!
Second Prize - Hyenas!
Random Giveaway - Halflings!

First prize was a full, 36-point 15mm Leonine army, complete with Stronghold. Second prize was a collection of four stands of Hyena-men and a $15 gift certificate to Wexford Hobbies. Third prize was a $10 gift certificate to Wexford, and the two stands of Halflings were given away at random (congratulations to Joe Merz for winning them.) Participants also received a pair of unpainted miniatures from the Splintered Light's upcoming "Dark Dwarf" line.

A tremendous thanks goes out, first to Splintered Light Miniatures ( for providing the prizes, which were absolutely stunning examples of their incredibly well-sculpted 15mm fantasy line. Second, to Wexford Hobbies ( in Dayton for hosting the event so splendidly. Finally, a huge "Thank you!" to everyone who braved the freezing winds and chaotic weather of Ohio to attend.


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