These films were brought to you by the letter 'A'

The Abominable Dr. Phibes H7, JG2, PH1, GH4
The Abyss SF07*, PSF1*, SF15
The Addiction JG2
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension SF08, SF28
Akira SF31
Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare PH1
Alien SF01, SF10, SF32
Aliens SF04, SF10, PSF1, SF32
Alien Trespass SF26
Altered States SF11
The Amazing Transparent Man SF21
The Ambulance H3
The American Nightmare H2K
An American Werewolf in London GH4
The Andromeda Strain SF25
Anguish DBH1
The Apple SF15
Army of Darkness H6, JG1, DGH1
Arrowhead SF33
The Atomic Cafe SF09
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman SF04
Attack the Block SF29
At the Earth's Core SF15
Automatons SF24

These films were brought to you by the letter 'B'

Back to the Future SF35
Bad Taste SF11
Barbarella SF11, SF32
Basket Case JG3
Batman SF23
Batman: Dead End SF21
The Batman SF23*
Battle Beyond the Stars SF07
Battle in Outer Space SF03, SF27
Battle Royale SF29
Battlestar Galactica SF25
Beetlejuice CH1
Beneath the Planet of the Apes SF35
The Beyond GH3
Beyond Re-Animator SF20
Beyond the Gates SH08
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls SCH1, S35P1
Big Man Japan SF25
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure SF35
The Bird With the Crystal Plumage DGH5
The Black Cat GH1
Black Christmas JG2, DGH5
Black Sabbath DGH4
The Black Scorpion SF04
Black Sheep DGH6
Black Sunday (1960) H5
Black Sunday (1977) DGH2
Blade S35H2
Blade Runner SF01, SF10, SF27, SF32*
The Blob (1958) SF03
The Blob (1988) SF03
Blobbermouth SF07
Blood Feast JG3
Bloodsucking Freaks H2K
Blue Velvet S35P1
Body Snatchers SF08
The Borrower H4
The Boxer's Omen SH08
A Boy and His Dog SF02
The Brain from Planet Arous SF03
Brainstorm SF29
Brazil SF10
Bride of Frankenstein H2, GH3
The Bride of Re-Animator H3, JG2
The Brood H3, JG2, JG3, DGH4, SH08
A Bucket of Blood H3, CH1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S35H3
Burial Ground DGH5

These films were brought to you by the letter 'C'

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari GH3
The Cabin in the Woods SH05
Caged Heat SCH2
Candyman SH05
Cannibal Ferox DGH6, DBH1
Cannibal Holocaust DGH3
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter H2
Captain Marvel SF20*
The Captains SF29
Cargo SF28
Carnival of Souls S35H4
Carnosaur H6
Carrie H4, S35H3
Cat People SH09
Cat Women of the Moon SF02*, SF17*, SF26*
Cemetery Man JG2, SF10
Children of the Corn CH1
Children of the Night H4
A Chinese Ghost Story H6
A Chinese Ghost Story 2 H7
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown SCH1
Chopping Mall SF24
Christine S35H2
City of Lost Children SF10, SF34
A Clockwork Orange SF06, JG1, SF25
Close Encounters of the Third Kind SF08
Code 46 SF15
The Conqueror Worm S35H1
The Convent S35H3
Count Yorga, Vampire PH1
Cowboy Bebop SF20
The Crawling Eye SF07
The Crazies SF23
Creature from the Black Lagoon SF07, S35H3*, SF21
Creepshow S35H1, SH09
Cronos H6
Cube SF19
The Curse of Frankenstein H4, JG3
Curse of the Demon H2

These films were brought to you by the letter 'D'

Dagon S35H4
Danger 5 SF30
Dark Angel SF04
Dark City SF17
The Dark Half SF07
Darkman SF09
Dark Star SF01, SF34
Daughters of Darkness GH1
Daughters of Dracula H7, S35H2
Dawn of the Dead H7, JG1, JG2, JG3, S35H5, SH07
Day of the Dead JG2, GH1
Day of the Triffids SF12
The Day the Earth Stood Still SF01, SF11, SF19, SF25
Day the World Ended SF05
Dead Alive (aka Braindead) H5, S35H1, S35H5, GH4
Dead Ringers JG2
The Dead Zone H5, JG2
Deathgasm SH07
Death Race 2000 SF05, SF18
Deep Red JG2, DGH3
Delicatessen SF31
Deliver Us From Evil H2
Demons DGH4, SH06
Destination Moon SF08
Destroy All Monsters SF33
The Devil SH08
Devil Girl from Mars SF01
The Devil Rides Out H6, SH07
The Devils H5, GH4
Digital Man SF09
Doctor Butcher M.D. JG3
Dr. Cyclops SF30
Doctor of Doom SCH1
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb JG1, SF09, SF30
Dr. Who and the Daleks SF32
Dog Soldiers S35H4
Donnie Darko SF35
Don't Ask, Don't Tell SF19
Don't Look Now S35H3
Dracula S35H2
Dracula: Dead and Loving It S35H2
Dracula Has Risen From the Grave S35H4
Dracula: Prince of Darkness H3
Dredd SF31
Dressed to Kill GH2
Dune SF06, SF34

These films were brought to you by the letter 'E'

Earth Girls are Easy SF12, SF32
Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers SF01, SF05, SF31
Earth vs the Spider SF08
Edison's Frankenstein GH2
Eight Legged Freaks SF20
Electroma SF29
Enthiran SF28
Equilibrium SF20
Eraserhead (1976) JG1, DGH1, JG3
Eraserhead (1977) SH09
Escape from New York SF09, SF31
Evil Aliens DGH5
The Evil Dead JG2, S35H4
Evil Dead II H1, H6, JG1, DGH2, S35H4
eXistenZ SF17
The Exorcist H6, JG1, CH1, JG3, SH05

These films were brought to you by the letter 'F'

Famous Monster: Forrest J. Ackerman SF26
Fantastic Voyage SF18, SF33
The Fearless Vampire Killers H1, S35H4
Fido SF24
Fiend Without a Face SF05
The Fifth Element SF18
Fire Maidens from Outer Space SF15
First Men in the Moon SF02, SF15
First on the Moon SF23
First Spaceship on Venus SF09
Five Million Years to Earth SF02, SF11
Flash Gordon SF24
Flesh for Frankenstein GH3
Flight to Mars SF03
The Fly (1958) SF11
The Fly JG2, SF11
The Flying Saucer SF02
The Fog H7, H2K, DBH1
Forbidden Planet SF01, SF04, SF10, SF23
Four Flies on Grey Velvet H3
Foxy Brown S35P1
Frankenhooker H3, JG3
Frankenstein H1, GH2
Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster SCH1, SF24
Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman H2K
Frankenstein Unbound SF05
Freaks S35H5, DGH6
Free Enterprise SF17
Frequency SF18
Friday the 13th PH1
Fright Night H4, H2K, SH05
From Beyond H5, GH1
From Dusk Till Dawn DGH5
The Funhouse SH09

These films were brought to you by the letter 'G'

Galaxina SF27
Gamera, Guardian of the Universe SF11
Gamera 2: Legion Attacks! SF20
Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris SF19
The Gate SH09
Gattaca SF12
German Angst SH07
Ghidra, the Three-Headed Monster SF08
The Giant Claw SF02, SF21
The Giant Gila Monster SF28
The Girl Can't Help It SCH1
Glen or Glenda SCH1
Godzilla: Final Wars SF23
Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! SF21
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah SF27
Goke: Body Snatcher From Hell GH3
Gozu DGH3
Gravity SF12
The Great Yokai War SF24
The Green Slime SF29
Guyver H4

These films were brought to you by the letter 'H'

Halloween H6, S35H3
Halloween III: Season of the Witch SH08
Happy Accidents SF19
Hardware SF05, SF32
Haunted Symphony H7
The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood, Jr. SF11
The Haunting H1, S35H4
Helix ... Loaded! SF15
Hellraiser H2, H2K, GH3
Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer JG2, GH1
Hercules Returns SCH2
The Hidden SF02, SF31
High-Rise SF33
High School Confidential SCH2
The Hills Have Eyes H1, S35H4, DBH1
The Hitcher GH3
The H-Man SF09
Homicidal S35H1
Horror of Dracula H1, JG1
The Host GH1
House (1977) GH2
House (1986) CH1
Housebound SH06
The House by the Cemetery SH07
The House of the Devil GH3
House on Haunted Hill H1, CH1
The Howling H1, S35H3
The Hunger H4, DGH2, S35H5, SH08

These films were brought to you by the letter 'I'

Ichi the Killer S35H5
I Drink Your Blood S35H3
Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS SCH1
I Married a Monster From Outer Space SF02
Inception SF30
The Incredible Shrinking Man SF18
The Incredible 2 Headed Transplant DGH3
Inferno JG2, GH2
Infra-Man SF01, SF03, SCH2, SF12, SF31
Ink SF27
Invader SF06
Invaders from Mars SF02
Invasion Earth: the Aliens are Here SF04
Invasion of the Bee Girls SF17
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) SF07, SF34
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) SF07, SF20, SF34
Invasion of the Saucermen SF11
The Invisible Boy SF23
The Invisible Man SH06
The Invisible Ray H4
The Iron Giant SF18
Iron Man SF28
Irreversible GH1
I Sell the Dead GH1
Island of Lost Souls H1, GH2
It Came from Outer Space SF01*, SF08*
It Conquered the World SF04
It Follows SH07
It's Alive H7
It! The Terror from Beyond Space SF01
I Walked with a Zombie S35H5
I Was a Teenage Werewolf H2

These films were brought to you by the letter 'J'

Jacob's Ladder H3
Jason X SF33
Jodorowsky's Dune SF34
Journey to the Center of the Earth SF05
Journey to the Seventh Planet SF25

These films were brought to you by the letter 'K'

The Keep SH07
Kill Baby Kill DBH1
Killer Klowns from Outer Space SF03, SF20
The Killer Shrews SH07
Kill List GH4
King Dinosaur SF24
King Kong SF23
King of the Ants S35H5
Knights SF08
Kronos SF03, SF17

These films were brought to you by the letter 'L'

Lady Terminator SF25
Lair of the White Worm H1
La Jetée SF35
The Last Circus GH4
The Last Horror Movie DGH3
Last House on the Left JG2, DGH2
The Last Man on Earth S35H5
The Last Push SF29
The Last Starfighter SF04
Late for Dinner SF28
The Legend of the Wolf Woman DGH4
Let the Right One In DBH1
Lifeforce H5, SF19*
Light Years SF02
Loaf SF05
Logan's Run SF26
Long-Haired Giant Monster: Geharha SF27
Looper SF35
The Lords of Salem SH05
The Lost Boys CH1
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra SF19
The Lost Skeleton Returns Again SF27
The Lost World SF12*
Lucy SF32
Lunopolis SF28

These films were brought to you by the letter 'M'

The Machinist DGH3
Mad Max SF09, SF33
Mad Max: Fury Road SF33
Manborg SF29
Maniac DGH6
The Manitou SH06
Mant SF09
The Man Who Fell to Earth SF33
Mars Attacks! SF12
Martin (1977) JG1
Martin (1978) SH09
Martyrs GH2
The Mask of Fu Manchu H5
The Masque of the Red Death GH1
Masters of Horror: The Black Cat GH1
The Matrix SF19
Max Headroom SF23
Meet the Applegates SF05
Meet the Feebles DBH1
Men in Black SF18
Metropolis SF06*, SF31
Midnight Son GH3
Mighty Peking Man SF17
Mind Ripper SF09
Mindwarp: an Infinity of Terror SF24
Mr. Sardonicus H3
Mr. Vampire S35H1
The Monolith Monsters SF30
The Monster of Piedras Blancas SF04
Moon SF27
Mosquito H7
Mother's Day S35H2
Mothra SF15
Mutant Chronicles SF26
Mutiny in Outer Space SF21
The Mysterians SF07
Mysterious Island SF17
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie PSF1

These films were brought to you by the letter 'N'

The Nagivator: A Medieval Odyssey SF35
Near Dark H4, DGH6, SH09
Night Life H3
A Nightmare on Elm Street JG3
The Night of a Thousand Cats SH05
Night of Something Strange SH08
Night of the Comet SF24
Night of the Creeps SH07
Night of the Ghouls H2
Night of the Living Bread H3, CH1, S35H3
Night of the Living Dead H6, JG1, JG3, S35H5
Nineteen Eighty-Four SF25
Nosferatu S35H3*
Nosferatu the Vampyre SH06
Nova Seed SF34

These films were brought to you by the letter 'O'

The Omega Man SF21
The Omen CH1, JG2
Opera JG2

These films were brought to you by the letter 'P'

The People Under the Stairs SH08
The People Vs. George Lucas SF28
Phantasm H3, S35H1, SH05
Phantom of the Paradise GH4
Phenomena JG1, SH09
Pieces S35H5
The Pit and the Pendulum H2, GH3
The Pit and the Pendulum (1991) H5
Pitch Black SF25
Planet of the Apes SF06, SF18
Planet of the Vampires SF02, SF28
Plan 9 from Outer Space SF07
Polyester SCH2*
Possession GH4
Predator SF11
Predator 2 SF06
Predestination SF35
Primer SF15
Prince of Darkness GH2
Progeny SF18
Project Moonbase SF06
Psycho H5, GH2
Psych-Out S35P1
Pumpkinhead H2
Pumpkinhead II H7
Puzzlehead SF24

These films were brought to you by the letter 'Q'

Q: The Winged Serpent GH1, SH05
Queen of Outer Space SF10
The Quiet Earth SF31

These films were brought to you by the letter 'R'

Rabid JG2, DGH5
The Rapture JG2
The Raven S35H2
Re-Animator H2, JG1, JG2, DGH1, DGH2
Red Luck SH06
Reefer Madness S35P1
The Refrigerator H5
Replace SH09
Repo Man SF11, SF31
Reptilicus SF29
Repulsion JG2
The Return of the Living Dead (1985) H1, JG3, DGH3
The Return of the Living Dead (1985) SH08
Return of the Living Dead III H6
Richard Garriott: Man On a Mission SF27
The Road Warrior SF04, SF21
Robinson Crusoe on Mars SF04
Robocop SF02, SF26
Robocop 2 SF07
Robogeisha GH2
Robot Monster SF05, SF20
Robot Stories SF21
Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein S35H2
Rocketship X-M SF09, SF12
The Rocky Horror Picture Show S35H1
Rollerball SF26
Rosemary's Baby H5, JG1, PH1, S35H3
The Running Man SF31

These films were brought to you by the letter 'S'

Safety Not Guaranteed SF30
Sandwich S35H5, SF21
The Satanist SH06
Saw DGH3
Scanners SF34
Scars of Dracula H7
Seconds SF34
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb SF09
Sequence Break SH09
A Serbian Film GH3
Serenity SF23
Session 9 S35H3
Seven CH1
The Shadow SF09
Shadows on the Wall SF32
Shakes the Clown SCH2
The Shining H6, JG1, CH1, JG3, DGH4, SH06
The Ship of Monsters SF30*
Shock Value: The Movie SH07
Shorts from the Science Fiction Short Film Festival SF23
Sid and Nancy S35P1
The Silence of the Lambs S35H1, SH09
Sisters JG2
Six-String Samurai DGH2
16 Bitch Pile-Up DGH3
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow SF15
Sleep Dealer SF27
Slither SF24, GH3, SF34
Society H4, SH09
Something Wicked This Way Comes GH4
Source Code SF29
Spaceboy SF27
Space Master X-7 SF05
Space Milkshake SF30
Space Truckers SF12
Spider Baby H7, H2K
Split Second SF06
Sputnik Mania SF25
Squirm S35H3, S35H4
Stargate SF12, PSF1
Starman SF33
Starship Troopers SF12
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation SF21
Star Trek: the Motion Picture SF24
Star Trek SF27
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan SF08, SF26
Steamboy SF15
The Stendhal Syndrome JG3
Stingray Sam SF27
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne SH07
The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears SH06
Strange Invaders SF10
Stranger from Venus SF25
Street Trash JG3
Superman SF20*
Suspiria H1, JG1, JG2, S35H1, SH05
Switchblade Sisters SCH2

These films were brought to you by the letter 'T'

Tales From the Crypt S35H1
Taxi Driver JG3
Teddy Bears Make Strange Bedfellows JG3
The Teenage UFO Psycho Monster Sex Show S35H3
Tenebrae JG2, SH06
The Terminator SF03, SF17
Terminator 2: Judgement Day SF08, SF17
Terror Firmer S35P1
Tetsuo H5
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre H6, JG1, JG3, S35H1, SH06
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation DGH1
Theatre of Blood H3
Them! SF03, SF09, SF12
Them DGH6
There's Nothing Out There H4
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 GH2
The World's End SF34
They Came From Within H2, GH2
They Live SF29
The Thing SF05, PSF1, S35H2, GH1
The Thing from Another World SF05, SF26
Thirst SH05
13 Ghosts H2*, S35H2, GH2
This Island Earth SF02
Three Extremes DGH4
Thunderbirds Are Go SF03
THX 1138 SF19
Ticks H6
Time After Time SF35
Time Bandits SF17
Timecrimes SF26
Time Lapse SF32
The Time Machine SF03, SF35
Time of the Robots SF30
The Time Travelers SF26
The Tingler H7, DGH1
Tokyo Gore Police SF26
The Tomb of Ligeia SH08
Top of the Food Chain SF18
Total Recall SF06, SF21
To the Devil ... A Daughter DGH6
Tourist Trap DGH6
Trailerthon SF11
Time-Warp Trailerthon SF12
Trancers SF01
Tremors SF05
Tremors II: Aftershocks SF10
Trick or Treat SH05
Troll Hunter SF28
Tron SF18
Turkish Star Wars SF33
12 Monkeys SF24, SF35
28 Days Later SF21
20 Million Miles to Earth SF04
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea SF07
Twilight Zone: the Movie CH1, S35H2, SF20*
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me SH07
Twitch at the Death Nerve JG3
Two Evil Eyes H4
2000 Maniacs S35H4
2001: A Space Odyssey SF03, SF30
2010 SF06, SF27

These films were brought to you by the letter 'U'

The Ugly DGH2
Upside Down SF30
Uzumaki S35H4

These films were brought to you by the letter 'V'

Vampire Hunter D JG2
The Vampire Lovers H1, S35H1
Vampyr SH08
Vanishing Waves SF30
Vault of Horror S35H2
Versus S35H5
Videodrome JG2, GH4
Village of the Damned SF01

These films were brought to you by the letter 'W'

War of the Satellites SF29
The War of the Worlds SF02, SF10, SF28
The Wasp Woman SF32
We Are the Flesh SH08
Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman GH1
Werewolves on Wheels GH4
Westworld SF23
Whats Up, Hideous Sun Demon SF04
When Worlds Collide SF19
White Zombie GH4
The Wicker Man SH06*
The Wolf Man H3, SH05
World Without End SF06, SF35

These films were brought to you by the letter 'X'

X SF18
X-Men SF20

These films were brought to you by the letter 'Y'

Young Frankenstein H2
You're Next SH06

These films were brought to you by the letter 'Z'

Zardoz SF33
Zeiram SF08
Zombie S35H5, DGH6