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Welcome everyone, to the Web Page of the Many Names, wherein my EverQuest characters are enumerated and laid bare for everyone to see.

Some of you may have wondered why I use the title "Zekestrom of the Many Names," and this should show the reason. At times in the past few years the number of characters I've had "active" and "geared" has ranged from 4 to 10, and these 6 represent those I've finally decided to rely upon as my "primaries." They're split between three different accounts. Vortice, Sayadinna, Brinebeard, and Fribbet reside on one. Altariel and Seraphiel reside on a second. Brumple and Graevus reside on the last.

They are presented here with the links to their updated Magelo profiles, so you can all see just how stupid an amount of time I've spent playing this game.

I do hope you enjoy...

Vortice Maelstrom  - Level 34 Human Monk
Practicing Agnostic
Date Character Created:  June 26th, 1999   06:03:50 AM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=654208&resize=true
Skill Specializations
Hand to Hand Master  (175)
2H Blunt Master  (128)
1H Blunt Good  (80)
Alcohol Tolerance Very Bad  (23)
Brewing Master  (122)
Fishing Master  (105)
Baking Master  (104)
Tailoring Below Average  (44)
Pottery Awful  (3)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Lizardman Master  (95)
Elder Teir'Dal Very Good  (89)
Gnoll Above Average  (64)
Combine Tongue Average  (56)
Halfling Feeble  (15)
Froglock Feeble  (12)

Sayadinna  - Level 56 Dark Elven Warrior
"Mistress of Steel and Fletch"
Worshipper of Rallos Zek
Date Character Created:  July 6th, 1999   05:26:16 PM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=624081&resize=true
Skill Specializations
1H Slashing Master  (228)
Piercing Master  (224)
2H Slashing Master  (204)
Archery Master  (186)
Alcohol Tolerance Excellent  (97)
1H Blunt Feeble  (20)
Hand To Hand Awful  (2)
Blacksmithing Artisan  (250)
Fletching Master  (193)
Pottery Excellent  (92)
Fishing Above Average  (65)
Tailoring Bad  (35)
Dark Speech Master  (100)
Combine Tongue Master  (100)
Dark Elvish Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Elder Elvish Bad  (37)
Elvish Bad  (37)
Gnomish Bad  (35)
Elder Dragon Feeble  (20)

Altariel  - Level 49 High Elven Enchanter
Worshipper of Erollisi Marr
Date Character Created:  August 11th, 1999   05:39:03 PM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=698984&resize=true
Skill Specializations
Specialize Alteration Master  (197)
Piercing Master  (105)
Alcohol Tolerance Very Bad  (21)
1H Blunt Awful  (5)
Jewelcrafting Grandmaster  (243)
Pottery Master  (200)
Blacksmithing Master  (175)
Research Master  (150)
Tailoring Very Bad  (21)
Baking Feeble  (13)
Fishing Awful  (2)
Elvish Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Elder Elvish Below Average  (47)
Dark Elvish Below Average  (47)
Dwarvish Below Average  (45)
Dark Speech Awful  (3)

Brumple Steelskin  - Level 55 Halfling Druid
Worshipper of Karana
Date Character Created:  November 4th, 1999   07:30:09 PM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=625791&resize=true
Skill Specializations
Foraging Master  (200)
Specialize Alteration Master  (200)
1H Slashing Master  (127)
Tracking Master  (125)
Alcohol Tolerance Master  (121)
2H Blunt Feeble  (15)
Brewing Artisan  (250)
Baking Master  (200)
Fishing Master  (200)
Blacksmithing Master  (175)
Tailoring Master  (167)
Pottery Master  (150)
Halfling Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Gnomish Bad  (32)

Brinebeard Foamdrinker  - Level 40 Dwarven Rogue
Worshipper of Prexus
Date Character Created:  May 31st, 2002   06:49:48 PM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=654207&resize=true
Skill Specializations
Pick Locks Master  (200)
Backstab Master  (200)
Piercing Master  (199)
Sense Traps Master  (183)
1H Slashing Master  (167)
Pick Pockets Master  (147)
Begging Below Average  (44)
Throwing Bad  (36)
Alcohol Tolerance Feeble  (17)
Disarm Traps Awful  (1)
Make Poison Master  (183)
Blacksmithing Master  (101)
Apply Poison Average  (56)
Tailoring Awful  (1)
Thieves Cant Master  (100)
Dwarvish Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Gnomish Very Bad  (25)

Seraphiel Honorbottom  - Level 51 High Elven Cleric
Worshipper of Tunare
Date Character Created:  July 25th, 2002   02:53:26 AM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=677977&resize=true
Skill Specializations
Specialize Alteration Master  (182)
1H Blunt Average  (60)
Alcohol Tolerance Awful  (7)
Swimming Master  (200)
Elvish Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Elder Elvish Bad  (33)
Dark Elvish Bad  (33)

Fribbet  - Level 20 Froglock Wizard
Worshipper of Mithaniel Marr
Date Character Created:  June 7th, 2003   01:27:01 AM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=718405&resize=true
Skill Specializations
Specialize Evocation Average  (51)
1H Blunt Feeble  (13)
Piercing Awful  (5)
Alcohol Tolerance Awful  (2)
Research Very Bad  (24)
Froglock Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)
Troll Below Average  (42)

Graevus Bodleyhurm  - Level 40 Ogre Shadow Knight
Worshipper of Rallos Zek
Date Character Created:  January 27th, 2004   12:01:43 AM
Magelo Profile:  http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=945528&resize=true
Skill Specializations
1H Slashing Master  (197)
1H Blunt Master  (195)
Archery Feeble  (15)
Alcohol Tolerance Awful  (5)
Fletching Very Bad  (30)
Dark Speech Master  (100)
Ogre Master  (100)
Common Tongue Master  (100)

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