Tupi 1200AD-1601AD (Book IV/29)

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Army Consist

Element Description of Troops
1x3Wb (Gen) Tupi General
6x3Bw Tupi Warriors with Bow
5x3Wb Tupi Warriors
Camp Followers Tupi Dugout

The Tupi-Guarani tribes of South America lived deep in the Amazonian basin, but by the time of the landing of Portuguese troops in the New World had migrated to the coastal areas of Brazil. Isolated pockets of their descendents still exist deep in the Amazon today.

The tribes are best known for being cannibals, and prisoners ended up coming to a rather bad end. Their cannibalism was ritual in nature, meant to earn the release of the spirits of warriors who had fallen in battle. Prisoners were often fed and treated handsomly, and given the most fertile of the village women with whom to mate. They could be held for several years before they (and the progeny they had sired) were eventually killed and devoured by the tribe.

The Tupi did not employ an extensive variety of tactics, essentially letting loose a volley of mass bowfire, then dropping their bows and charging in a fierce onslaught. Their classification as Bows and Warband represent this combination of strategies.

The figures are all from Falcon U.K. (though I believe the line may have been discontinued), including the dugout included in the camp. They were incredibly quick to paint, taking two days to complete the entire set.

Tupi General [1x3Wb (Gen)]

The Tupi were fond of decorating themselves with a wide variety of colorful feathers. They favored the feathers of tropical birds such as the Macaw, and thus had a very wide range of colors showing in battle. The Generals wear cloaks made from layers of these bright tropical feathers.

Tupi Warriors with Bow [6x3Bw]

During the initial volley of bowfire, the Tupi used a very strong, relatively long bow. Like their adornments, they preferred the use of brighly colored feathers for the fletching on their arrows. Also notable in some pictures are the characteristic lip-discs, usually made of bone or jade, common to the tribes.

Tupi Warriors [5x3Wb]

The ferocious charge of the Tupi involved the use of wooden clubs whose edges were thin enough to provide an almost axe-like cleaving effect. It was not until the arrival of Europeans that they began to shift to ambush tactics and abandon the open-field impulsive charge.

Tupi Dugout [Camp Followers]

The Tupi dugout camp is one of the nicest parts of the Falcon U.K. line. They have another figure pack with camp followers and nursing mothers, but unfortunately I did not have the forethought to acquire it.

The river's edge is done using Woodland Scenics "Realistic Water", a simple pour-and-cure resin that makes a very nice water layer. Highly recommended, though it does tend to shrink a bit, so be sure to overfill or be prepared to do multiple pours.

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