Mongol Conquest 1206AD-1266AD (Book IV/35)

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Army Consist

Element Description of Troops
1x3Cv (Gen) Mongolian General
2x3Cv Guard Cavalry
8x2LH Mongolian cavalry
1x2LH or Art Mongolian Cavalry or Siege Support
Camp Followers Mongolian Defenders

This army represents the universally feared and tremendously successful Mongolian hordes which were led by Chengis Khan (and his successors) through China, Russia, and as far West as Eastern Europe.

The army was known for its regimental organization as much as for its brutality. A Chinese observer of the day once said, "Since the beginnings of time, no barbarians have been so powerful as the Mongols are today. They destroy kingdoms as one tears up grass. Why does heaven permit it?"

Unfortunately, as a DBA army, they're a good deal less successful. Bad Going can quickly become a quagmire. Their large numbers of Light Horse are very susceptible to massed bowfire, and with only three heavier Cavalry units, they lack significant offensive punch.

The army began with a gift certificate from a tournament at Cold Wars. Since I got it on Sunday, I decided to go ahead and buy a Gladiator DBA 1.0 all-option army pack. The next year, I took the opportunity to buy several packs of Essex Mongols in order to get some additional poses and a good command stand. Unfortunately, the two figure sets don't mix all that well (some of the Mongols have apparently taken up riding on ponies), and most of the Gladiator figs were thrown out as they were not well sculpted. The exception was the armored cavalry, which were all taken from the Gladiator line for consistency.

Mongolian General [1x3Cv (Gen)]

The General's stand is primarily made up of Essex figures, from their command pack, and does not have armored horses so as to distinguish it from the rest of the cavalry stands.

Guard Cavalry [2x3Cv]

The heavily armored Guard Cavalry were one of the few of the Gladiator miniatures to make it into the final army. The lamellar armor didn't quite turn out as I had expected (or hoped), ending up looking more like a flat black than anything. Unlike many of the figures in the rest of the army, these have all had their spears replaced with piano wire.

Mongolian cavalry [8x2LH]

The Mongolian horde consisted almost entirely of archers mounted on very light and fast horse. They were fond of hit-and-run tactics and of letting loose volley fire then pulling back from slower foot troops.

Again, a mix of Gladiator and Essex figures, you can really tell the sizing difference between the two in a lot of cases.

Of note is the use of the Woodland Scenics "Snow" flocking material, which I highly recommend. It gives a very nice coverage and it's granularity is such that the snow effect comes across nicely. So nice, in fact, that I used it for the penguins in the Winged Kingdom of Aves.

Mongolian Cavalry or Siege Support [1x2LH or Art]

This element option represents the fact that the Mongolian hordes did have siege artillery present in their army structure.

Since it was never common for the siege weapons to be used in actual battle, I have opted to not make a siege piece for the army.

The catapults were instead primarily used for such unsavory practices as beseiging cities, often throwing the decaying heads of fallen foes behind the town walls.

Mongolian Defenders [Camp Followers]

The foot troops for the Mongolian camp were taken from the Gladiator army pack. In DBA 1.1, the Mongolian lists included a number of foot troops for use with the mounted contingent. Once the list was upgraded to 2.0, I had little use for the foot, save as camp defenders.

Normally I would have included a characteristic Mongol yurt tent, but I was having trouble at the time finding good resin cast tents. Unfortunately, by the time I'd located one, the Mongols had experienced their now legendary 8-to-nothing defeat, and were pretty much shelved. Someday, perhaps, they'll see combat again as a triple-sized Big Battle DBA army.

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