The Orcs of the Frostfang Mountains

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Army Consist

Element Description of Troops
1xBehemoth (Gen) General Rogren's Mammoth
1xHero Gog, Orc Champion Wolf-Rider
1xMagician Magog, The Summoner
1xDragon Grelnik and Castellax
2xRiders Wolf Riders
2xBeasts The Bears of the Tundra
3xShooters The Ice Needles
6xHordes The Rabble
Stronghold Frostmaw Gate

The cold and forbidding lands of the Frostfang Mountains are home to a peculiar and vicious band of orcs. Bred for eons to survive the harsh climate of Frostfang, the orcs connections with the Abyssal underworld and their strange ice-sorceries combine to make them a formidable foe.

I have to admit that I always wanted an Orc army, but that I wanted to do something that was a bit more unconventional than your standard "green" or "black" orc rabble. I'd picked up the Black Raven orc packs with the intention of doing the "Battle of Five Armies" from The Hobbit, but the odd shield devices on the orcs just didn't seem to fit. So, when (on a whim) I painted up a rider/general/hero stand in this blue and white "ice orc" configuration, I suddenly had a much better use for the figs.

My only disappointment was that the Mammoth turned out to be frankly just that, entirely TOO "Mammoth". Though I was able to pound the legs a bit to get them to sit on a 40mm base, once I actually got it on the base I realized it would never be able to face anything in combat. The 60mm base is better, though the tusks still get in the way a bit.

I decided to go ahead and make this army a 36-point HOTT army, both for added flexibility and to experiment with 36-point "bigger battle" games.

General Rogren's Mammoth [1xBehemoth (Gen)]

Q: "What's blue and white and in-between a Mammoth's toes?"

A: "Anything that gets in the way of the General."

It's big. It's really, really big. It has a tendency to squash things that are foolhardy enough to get in its way. Recommendation, don't get in its way.

The figs are a combination of the Black Raven orc packs replacing the humans from the Black Raven Oliphant pack. Other than its tremendous size, the model is absolutely fantastic.

Gog, Orc Champion Wolf-Rider [1xHero]

Of all the wolf-riders, Gog and his entourage are widely regarded as the most skilled. With his staff mounting the severed heads of those who dared to defy him, he is not an orc to be trifled with.

Again, all Black Raven wolf riders and wolves, these specifically earmarked as a command stand. This was the stand that started it all, originally being painted to give away as a prize over a year ago.

Magog, The Summoner [1xMagician]

Though most Orc tribes specialize in Shamanistic magics, the Orcs of Frostfang, due to a close proximity to a dimensional rift leading to the Abyssal demonic realms, are formidable foes with their knowledge of summoning and control magics.

This Magus in particular, Magog, is believed to have been bred from the Ogre Magi of ancient times, thus his larger size and stature. He never goes into battle without his trusty Ice Daemon at his side.

The figs are all Reaper miniatures, with the demon and the bookbearer coming from a familiar pack.

Grelnik and Castellax [1xDragon]

It is the rare Orc indeed who can say that he's befriended a dragon to the point where it will suffer him as a rider. Grelnik is the exception to that rule. Why the Blue Drake Castellax tolerates him is beyond the rest of the Orcs of Frostfang, but they welcome the firepower he (and she) brings.

This Demonworld bear rider figure was initially going to be riding a giant Copplestone grizzly bear, but once it was completed I really wasn't all that impressed with how the bear turned out.

There was no way I was going to let that rider figure go to waste, however, and on a whim I picked up a dragon blister pack from Reaper (whose name escapes me at the moment) and painted up a more suitable mount.

Though I almost never play Dragons in 24 point HOTT games, I had always wanted to paint one, and figured that a 36-point expansion would be the perfect place for it. Alternatively, by downgrading the Hero to a Knight, this could even be used as an Aerial Hero.

Wolf Riders [2xRiders]

The wolves and bears who serve the Orcs of Frostfang are not ordinary creatures. In truth, no self-respecting wolf or bear would willingly serve these Orckin.

Instead, wolves and bears must be bred from birth to suffer the presence of these unnatural orcs. Suckled on potions which subjugate their will, their fur drains of all color and their eyes take on a demonic red hue.

All Black Raven wolf riders and wolves.

The Bears of the Tundra [2xBeasts]

What arctic army would be complete without stark white polar bears to guard the tundra? (Number one threat on the Threatdown! Beware!) Sporting the characteristic red eyes of the subjugated beasts of Frostfang, these bears live only to serve their orcish masters.

A Demonworld 15mm bear pack, I have to say that thus far I have never seen better bear figs than these Demonworld figs. Their scale is just right for 15mm, imposing but not too huge, and the detail in their sculpture is fantastic.

The Ice Needles [3xShooters]

No Orc army would be complete without a couple of shooter stands, and the Ice Orcs are no exception. These rabble are so worthless to the Orcs they won't even trust them with armor.

Black Raven Foundry Orcish Archers, every one.

The Rabble [6xHordes]

The vast majority of the Ice Orcs who fight in the Orc King's armies end up here, in the infantry. By infantry, of course, I mean the rag-tag masses of disorganized and whip-forced orc rabble. Though not exactly the strongest combative force, they do have the advantage of sheer numbers on their side.

And hey, we can always make more hordes.

Frostmaw Gate [Stronghold]

Home to the Orcs of Frostfang, the caverns underneath the mountain have many secret entrances and extend for hundreds of miles in all directions. This cave is one of the more remote entrances, used to house prisoners taken in battle and act as lookout post for the outer reaches.

I had a tough time trying to decide on a Stronghold for the Ice Orc army. Orcs should really be associated with caves, but cave Strongholds aren't easy to do in HOTT.

Since I've been working with resin casting lately, I hit upon the idea of making this cave (based on a "Rock Outcropping" mold from Woodland Scenics. Making a plug for the mold to turn solid rock into a hollow cave, the rest came naturally. I even went so far as to hand-mold and cast the icicles in clear plastic.

The chained giant is a Reaper figure ("Gungnir, Half-Orc Monk"), who I chained to the floor with some jeweler's chain and dental floss. It can be removed via the open back of the cave to be used as a 40mmx40mm "Barker Marker."

At first, a misinterpretation of the rules caused me to believe that the Stronghold had come out WAY too large. Since I had already cast a few hundred clear plastic bricks with the intention of doing an ice-tower, I decided at the last minute to make a secondary Stronghold that was "legal" size (with the cave placed off-board behind.) As it turns out, Strongholds in HOTT can be up to 600x600, so the original is legal after all. Go fig.

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